Note 13 - Other financial assets
2008 2007
    DKK million  DKK million  
Available-for-sale financial assets 46  116 
Derivatives 130  88 
Other financial assets   15    -  
Other financial assets at December 31 191  204 
Non-current assets 75 
Current assets 116  196 
Available-for-sale financial assets comprise the Group's holding of Novo Nordisk B stock, which has been acquired with a view to hedging the stock option obligation, cf. Note 24. The holding has been stated as current assets. A loss of DKK 15 million on market value adjustment has been recognized in Shareholders' equity in 2008, and DKK 38 million has been transferred from Shareholders' equity to Financial income relating to realization of stock. In 2007 the market value adjustment was DKK 40 million, and DKK 35 million was transferred to Financial income.