Note 21 - Provisions
2008 2007
    DKK million  DKK million  
Provisions at January 1 215  154 
Currency translation (15) (4)
Acquisition of companies   -  70 
Additions during the year 38 
Reversals during the year (31) (2)
Utilization during the year   (53) (11)  
Provisions at December 31 154  215 
Current 33  84 
Non-current 121  131 
Provisions includes remainder of purchase price in connection with acquisitions, which was DKK 21 million in 2008 (DKK 87 million in 2007), of which DKK 8 million is expected to be settled within one year, while the rest will be settled over a period of up to nine years.
Provisions also includes items relating to liabilities for restoring rental premises to their original condition on moving out, pending litigation, and other long-term employee benefits with the exception of pensions and similar obligations. These are expected to be settled over a longer period.