Audited by PwC

Board of Directors and Executive Management

directors.jpg   Board of Directors
management.jpg   Executive Management

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Steen Riisgaard
Born 1951. President and CEO.
Arne Juul Hansen
Born 1951. Operator. Employee representative.
Per Falholt
Born 1958. Executive Vice President, Research & Development.
Jerker Hartwall
Born 1952. CEO,

AarhusKarlshamn AB (Sweden).

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Thomas Nagy
Born 1963. Executive Vice President, Stakeholder Relations.
Walther Thygesen
Born 1950. CEO, Thrane & Thrane A/S.
Thomas Videbæk
Born 1960.
Executive Vice President,
Kurt Anker Nielsen*
Born 1945. Deputy Vice Chairman of the Board. Chairman of the Audit Committee.
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Peder Holk Nielsen
Born 1956. Executive Vice President, Enzyme Business.
Henrik Gürtler*
Born 1953. CEO, Novo A/S. Chairman of the Board.
Mathias Uhlén
Born 1954. Professor, the Royal Institute of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan), Stockholm (Sweden).
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Søren Henrik Jepsen
Born 1947. Manager. Employee representative.
Paul Petter Aas
Born 1946. Senior Vice President, Yara Inter-national ASA (Norway).
Benny Loft
Born 1965. Executive Vice President and CFO.
Ulla Morin
Born 1954. Laboratory Technician. Employee representative.


* These board members are not regarded as independent in the sense of the definition contained in the Nørby Report.