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Ambitions and long-term targets

We want to change the world together with our customers. This is our ambition, and in that process we expect Novozymes to grow substantially. We are committed to improving the future business of our customers and to making the world a better place, while improving our business performance.

In 2008 we reviewed our performance and capabilities. In the light of global trends, we found that Novozymes is uniquely positioned for the future, and we summarized our ambitions as ”Changing the world together with our customers.” To accomplish this we will:

• Deliver radical innovation
• Drive the world toward sustainability
• Make it great to be employed in Novozymes

Looking to the future, we see opportunities to expand the use of our technology into new applications and new industries. We also see opportunities to strengthen our growth outside enzymes in microorganisms and biopharmaceutical ingredients. We believe that our biotechnology is on the verge of setting the standard for future sustainable solutions.

We expect sustainability to be a very significant lever in support of our overall efforts to grow the business. Bioinnovation clearly has the potential to be part of the solution to some of the most pressing global challenges. The focus is on environmental and economic challenges, such as reduction of CO2 emissions and overcoming resource scarcity, which are increasingly expected to be factors impacting our customers’ choice of technology. In particular, we are addressing mitigation of climate change and sustainable utilization of biomass.

Stakeholder engagement is also in focus as important in fulfilling the ambition. We strive to make Novozymes a globally trusted voice on bioinnovation and its benefits for society. Furthermore, we want to develop great leaders, develop our relationship-based culture, and work even smarter to remain and further improve our status as a company people prefer working for.

New long-term targets

"The global trends we are seeing and the growth we have experienced in recent years have led us to set ambitious new long-term targets, which will set out the path for moving our business to the next level."

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