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The carbon footprint

In 2008 we applied a screening method to estimate the total reduction in CO2 facilitated by the application of our enzymes. The method is based on conventional product lifecycle assessment (LCA, in accordance with ISO 14040). The outcome of the calculations is our carbon footprint, in other words the sum of emissions from suppliers of energy and raw materials, emissions from enzyme production, and the emission reductions achieved from the use of enzymes by our customers. The project has undergone third-party review by PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ LCA experts.

For 2007 our carbon footprint has been estimated at 25 million tons of CO2. This means that using enzyme technology instead of conventional technologies has led to considerable reductions in emissions. Extrapolation indicates that corresponding emission reductions in 2008 were around 28 million tons of CO2.

The estimation of the 2007 carbon footprint is the starting point for the 2008 estimate and our 2009 target.