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Welcome to The Novozymes Report 2008

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This year, Novozymes has once again collected all the report material in its online reporting universe at

The Novozymes Report 2008 is available in English through a dedicated website, as a PDF file, and in print. A Danish version is available as a PDF file at

The reporting universe is a website dedicated to The Novozymes Report 2008 and other information relevant to our investors but also to anyone else with an interest in Novozymes. We continuously supplement the report with information such as quarterly reports, company announcements, news, and teleconferences.

All the photos in the report show partners, employees, or their relatives in situations that illustrate Novozymes’ business or way of working. The cover illustrates how Novozymes looks for inspiration in a grain field and turns it into solutions for detergents, agriculture, the energy sector, and countless other applications.