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Enzymes sold by Enzyme Business are produced by microorganisms. Within BioBusiness we use similar fermentation technology to produce proteins other than enzymes that are then, for example, used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and within agriculture. We also sell microorganisms for various applications in a range of industries. We see a lot of opportunities to use our existing technologies to cultivate BioBusiness across a broader range of applications.

Microorganisms are a diverse group of microscopic organisms such as fungi, bacteria, and amoeba. They are found everywhere in nature, where they both form and degrade organic materials. Our microorganisms are used, for example, in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, as well as to clean surfaces such as carpets and drain lines.

Biopharmaceutical ingredients
Biopharmaceutical ingredients are proteins and other biological substances used in the pharmaceutical industry. Our proteins replace proteins from humans and animals that have traditionally been used in the industry, entailing the risk of transferring disease. Our proteins do not entail this risk and offer further advantages such as cost savings. Using our biopharmaceutical ingredients offers customers alternative solutions or helps them with process performance, consistency, and compliance.

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