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In 2008 BioBusiness sales grew satisfactorily by 21% in LCY and 12% in DKK. Microorganism sales experienced 5% organic growth for the year. The activities acquired within biological agriculture (BioAg) delivered higher growth than expected. Biopharmaceutical ingredients (BPI) experienced a decline of 1% in LCY.

It is not possible to provide a meaningful assessment of the market share for BioBusiness owing to the broad range of products and markets covered by the area.

Sales of microorganisms rose by 39% in LCY in 2008. Approximately 34 percentage points can be attributed to the BioAg activities acquired late 2007, which performed significantly better than expected at the beginning of the year. Other microorganism sales experienced organic growth of 5% during the year, despite being subject to ongoing product-pruning activities. Growth was mainly related to the plant care and wastewater treatment areas. In DKK, total 2008 microorganism sales rose by 31%.

Biopharmaceutical ingredients
BPI sales were down 1% in LCY and 12% in DKK in 2008. Sales were affected by an anticipated decline in volumes for some existing contracts. Also, 2007 included sales for clients’ clinical trials, which were not repeated in 2008. 

Prestigious award for enzymatic process
In March the European industry association Euro Fed Lipid awarded Novozymes the prestigious European Lipid Technology Award 2008 in recognition of its enzymatic interesterification process.

Interesterification is one of three main fat modification techniques. The advantage of the enzymatic process over the traditional method is that it does not form trans fatty acids, which are suspected of increasing the risks of cardiovascular disease. Trans fatty acids are typically found in products such as margarine, cookies, and potato chips, and are formed during a production process that aims to achieve the correct melting temperature for the end product, for example so that chocolate cookies melt in the mouth and not in the hand.

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