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Product launches in 2008

During the year, Novozymes launched eight new products.

Product name Product area Launched Description


Detergents Q1

Celluclean is an enzyme that provides strong whiteness and anti-graying effect, thus enhancing the effect from bleach.

Attenuzyme® Flex

Brewing Q3

Attenuzyme Flex is an enzyme for shortened process time and better control in the production of light and low-carb beers.

CellPrime™ rTransferrin AF


CellPrime rTransferrin AF is a recombinant animal-free cell culture supplement, enhancing the growth and productivity of cells during the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products through improved iron transport.


Animal Feed Q4

RONOZYME ProAct is an enzyme optimizing protein utilization, improving nutritional value, and enhancing animal performance, leading to cost savings.

Lactose Oxidase

Dairy Q4

Lactose Oxidase is an enzyme allowing the dairy industry to add value to the whey stream. Whey is a by-product of cheesemaking.

Pectinex® Ultra Mash

Juice Q4

Pectinex Ultra Mash is an enzyme applied to improve the yields in apple juice production during mashing, offering increased yield and smoother processing in comparison to existing enzyme solutions.

Novozym® 12001

Food & Nutrition Q4

Novozym 12001 is an enzyme that allows the use of soya protein in a broad range of food applications, making them healthier and improving taste.

FiberCare® D

Forest Products Q4

FiberCare D is an enzyme for use in the pulp and paper industry. The enzyme improves drainage performance in paper mills producing paper and cardboard from recycled paper and cardboard. Benefits include improved process time.