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The Novozymes stock in 2008

The common stock of DKK 650 million, or 65 million shares, was unchanged from the level at the end of 2007.

Novozymes’ stock (DKK) 2008 2007
Price, year-end 418 582
Total market value, year-end (billion)* 22.7 31.6
Earnings per share, diluted 16.86 16.47
Dividend per share 5.25** 5.00
* Excluding A stock
** Proposed

The average daily trading volume of Novozymes’ stock was 283,218 shares, or DKK 124 million, making it the sixth most actively traded stock on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen A/S. At year-end 2008, the total market value of Novozymes was DKK 22.7 billion.

Novozymes’ stock price fell 28% during the year. In comparison, the return on the OMXC20 was -46%, Dow Jones Chemicals Europe Index -38%, and NASDAQ Biotechnology Index -14%.

Over the last five years, Novozymes’ stock has generated an average annual return to shareholders, including dividends, of more than 21%. This can be compared to the five-year average return of 0% for the OMXC20, -3% for MSCI PAN Europe, -3% for Dow Jones World Sustainability Index, +8% for Dow Jones Chemicals Europe Index, and 0% for NASDAQ Biotechnology Index.

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