Novozymes' reporting on GRI indicators

Novozymes supports The Global Reporting Initiative's framework for sustainability reporting. Accordingly, GRI reporting has been an integrated part of Novozymes' reporting platform since 2002 and is presented in The Novozymes Report 2008. In 2007, Novozymes adapted the G3 guidelines, which provide a disclosure framework of 10 principles and 121 indicators, including 79 sustainability performance indicators, against which companies may report. The extend to which companies disclose their management approach and adherence to the GRI indicators determines the application level as illustrated below. Please see for further explanation of the GRI.

3ApplicationLevelTable.jpg #2 

The Application Levels of C+, B+, and A+ can be declared if external assurance was utilized for the report. For purposes of meeting this requirement, a report maker should only declare a “plus” (+) level if it believes that it has applied external assurance mechanisms that:

  • Engaged parties competent in the subject matter and assurance practices who are external to the organization;
  • Followed defined procedures that can be explained and were documented;
  • Assessed the ability of a report to provide a reasonable and balanced presentation of performance taking into consideration the data of a report as well as the overall selection of content; and
  • Result in an opinion or set of conclusions that are available to readers of the report.

Based on a thorough analysis of the GRI guidance and requirements, Novozymes and The Global Reporting Initiative declare an Application Level of A for Novozymes Annual Report 2008.

A.jpg  GRI level A.JPG

Key to symbols

Novozymes is in full compliance with the detailed specifications for the indicator  


Novozymes covers some aspects of the indicator

Novozymes does not report on the indicator  


The indicator is not relevant to Novozymes