Principle 10

Businesses should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

Novozymes' management system – including values, relevant policies, etc.

Novozymes' approach in 2008

Reference to GRI G3 performance indicators

The Novozymes Touch

  • Vision, values, and
    fundamental principles  
  • Support for the United Nations Global Compact

Social responsibility policy
Financial and legal policy

Position on business integrity
Position on donations

Scope and approach
Novozymes has adopted a management standard on business integrity, which constitutes an integrated part of Novozymes’ internal quality management system and links to the social responsibility policy and the financial policy. The standard is based on a set of principles covering bribery, facilitation payments, money laundering, protection money, and gifts, as well as political and charitable contributions.

Responsibilities and activities
All employees have received a booklet on business integrity, entitled "Bribery - no thanks!", and we train selected employee groups in selected countries and regions. Internal processes are in place to ensure that all employees have access to guidance and the opportunity to anonymously raise concensus about possible breaches of Novozymes’ integrity principles. Employees are required to report facilitation payments and excessive gifts given/received.

A special Committee on Business Integrity oversees implementation, provides general guidance and assesses and reviews the effectiveness of the standard.

In 2007, several sites carried out business integrity training activities locally.

Business ethics and supplier performance
To further expand the scope of sustainability and responsible sourcing in our supply chain, Novozymes is currently developing a comprehensive supplier performance management system. The system covers all aspects of our supplier performance management from approval of new suppliers to performance evaluation. Based on an integrated set of evaluation criteria, including a number of sustainability-related aspects that cover environmental, employee health and safety, human rights, and business ethics, the system will provide risk profiles on all suppliers in Novozymes’ Enzyme Business. Implementation of the system will be initiated in April 2009, and full implementation is expected to be in place by 2010.     

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